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iTestSystem Application: Configuration

 Turn Weeks Into Hours with iTestSystem’s Configuration Feature  If you are like most engineers, the last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours configuring your project, your hardware and your sensors before gathering important data. The team at Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) has been there. In fact, they grew so tired of […]

Reduce File Size with Resample Analysis

 Going Small Can Yield Big Results Thanks to Resample Analysis Feature  While it may seem counterintuitive to those used to gathering massive data files to solve complex engineering challenges, certain situations actually require gathering smaller files if you want to run a successful test.  For example, certain tests require gathering data on remote machinery […]

Use FFT Analysis in iTestSystem to Pinpoint Vibration Issues

 Simplifying Process for FFT Analysis using iTestSystem to Pinpoint Vibration Issues  The software engineers at Integrate Test & Measurement are constantly looking for ways to enhance and simplify your experience using iTestSystem, their proprietary engineering measurement software platform. In this blog, a new series by ITM, we’ll share some details about one of the features within TestView Plus, the […]

Video: ITM Delivers Engineering Measurement Solutions

 Check out this awesome video that describes how our testing services group provides engineering measurement solutions to our customers around the world.  We’ve been at it for twenty (20) years today! For more information about out strain gauging and testing services, contact Ryan Welker at (844) 837-8797 x702.  

Sort Data Faster Using iTestSystem’s Trigger Analysis

 Sort Your Engineering Data Faster Using iTestSystem’s Trigger Analysis Feature Tired of getting buried in a mountain of engineering data? The team at Integrated Test & Measurement feels your pain, and they have built some relief into their data collection software known as iTestSystem. In this blog, a new series by ITM, we’ll share details about iTestSystem’s “Trigger […]

iTestSystem Application: Notification Service

 Get Your Engineering Data When it Counts using ITM’s iTestSystem Software  In a world where we’ve grown accustomed to knowing about important events or crucial information nearly immediately, it may be of little surprise that the architects who build engineering measurement software included powerful notification abilities.  An Amazon package delivery to your doorstep now prompts an email, […]

Automate Complex Analysis of Engineering Data Using iTestSystem

 Does your project involve the need to deploy unattended or “black box” data acquisition systems in the field? If so, our engineering software known as iTestSystem, a proprietary product developed by Integrated Test & Measurement, may be the ideal solution.  In this blog, a new series by ITM, we’ll share details about iTestSystem’s “Automated Analytics” feature, […]

Excellence in Impact Award

ITM’s Resilience Recognized with County’s ‘Excellence in Impact Award’ Like most small businesses, Integrated Test & Measurement spent the last year weathering a storm of uncertainty due to COVID-19. How would the company both stay safe and stay in business?   The answer to that crucial question and the actions that ITM took during the pandemic […]