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Marquette University’s “Smart Building” Provides Real-World Data

MILFORD, OH– Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) announces a “Smart Building” program in partnership with Marquette University. This unique initiative allows next generation structural engineers to perform large-scale experiments and obtain real-time results using data collected on the very building in which they are learning. ITM was selected to provide the technology and services for […]

Engineering on the fringe of big data

As test engineers, we are driven by data. It motivates everything we do. The faster we can gather, manage and analyze vast amounts of data, the more effective and efficient we become at understanding the stresses that tax modern machinery. That is why I’m excited to share some of the recent advances Integrated Test & […]

ITM Adds New Talent

We have had a busy summer at ITM coordinating multiple exciting projects, but among our biggest successes has been expanding our team. I’m excited to announce that we’ve grown our engineering group by two with the addition of Ryan Matthews and Matt Satcher. Ryan is serving as a field engineer and a vibration analyst, and […]

ITM Returning to NI Week as Presenter

During NI Week every year, Austin, Texas, transforms into a mecca for top engineers and scientists worldwide who come by the thousands to absorb the very latest in tech. This year ITM will once again be attending, but even more exciting is that our team will once again be presenting at the National Instruments sponsored […]

ITM Offers Free Version of iTestSystem Software

Integrated Test & Measurement has an exciting announcement. As of now, you can download a free version of our proprietary iTestSystem software. Anyone can download it and begin using it at no charge from our website. iTestSystem is a software platform that enables test engineers to organize, acquire and view important engineering data using National Instruments […]