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Explore ITM’s Rugged Data Acquisition Systems for Rent

If the right tool doesn’t exist, build it. For years that has been the approach ITM engineers have taken when it comes to gathering data and building tests for clients. And after decades of performing structural testing in aerospace, off-highway, automotive, industrial and many other environments, we’ve built up an impressive line of custom Rugged […]

ITM Recruiting at UC’s Technical Career Fair Feb. 19

Our firm is excited to take part in the Technical Career Fair at the University of Cincinnati on Feb. 19. We are even more excited to bring in qualified candidates from UC to help us lead innovative engineering projects worldwide. Integrated Test & Measurement is a growing firm on Cincinnati’s east side that specializes in […]

Taking Engineering Communication Beyond Just Tech

Far too often in our field, we engineers get so completely focused on the technical side of our trade that we lose site of good communication and modern presentation. As an engineering firm, ITM has been working toward taking our communication strategy beyond simply marketing our technical services. We see the importance of presenting our […]

We Make Tough Measurements

When I think through the ways in which ITM sets itself apart as an engineering firm, there is one simple phrase that always comes to mind: “We make tough measurements.” What do I mean by that? Quite simply, our engineers are adept at finding creative solutions for gathering data in the field and often despite […]

Join ITM’s Nov. 20 MultiDAQ Plugin Webinar

Whether you are a seasoned user of Integrated Test & Measurement’s MultiDAQ plugin for iTestSystem software or if you have never used the product, our next Webinar will allow you to pick up some simple tricks as well as understand the latest features. Join Chase Petzinger, an ITM software developer, and Todd Holtkamp, an ITM […]

Webinar Video: ITM Shares MultiDAQ Configuration Tips

Our second monthly Webinar at ITM focused specifically on how to configure the MultiDAQ plugin for our iTestSystem software. Two of our engineers — Chase Petzinger, a software developer, and Todd Holtkamp, a field test engineer, hosted the free online demo on Oct. 2, 2014, to walk users through exactly how to configure ITM’s custom […]

ITM Installs Paper Mill Thermocouple Monitoring System

In search of a system that would send feedback to further optimize their production efficiencies and reduce energy costs, a paper mill company turned to ITM for help measuring the temperature of steam tubes inside its Recovery boiler. The challenge our engineers faced was to not just log temperature measurements, but also to transfer this […]

ITM Presents on Rugged Data Acquisition at NI Week

One of the highlights of our summer at ITM is our trek to NI Week, the annual conference in Austin, Texas, presented by National Instruments where thousands of the world’s brightest minds in engineering and science come together to learn about the latest technology in our field. For the last couple of years, we’ve had […]