Integrated Test & Measurement (ITM) Patent Notice

The table below lists patents that apply to the ITM products.

ProductUS Patent Number
SHOP – SuperHeater Overheat ProtectionUS Patent 9541282B2
CDS – Clinker Detection SystemUS Patent 10060688B2
SFD – Sootblower Fouling Detection SystemPatents: 10724858, 9927231, 10094660, AU2015294324, CA2956156, CN106716046, EP3172521B1, JP6251845B2, KR101833691B1, Additional Patents Pending

Hardware Product

SHOP - SuperHeater Overheat Protection

The SuperHeater Overheat Protection (SHOP) system is a patented technology that helps mitigate the risk of superheater tube failure due to short-term boiler startup overheats. MORE

Hardware Product

SFD - Sootblower Fouling Detection System

The Sootblower Fouling Detection (SFD) System is an ITM proprietary technology for the measurement of fouling along the path of a sootblower in recovery and utility boilers. MORE

Hardware Product

CDS - Clinker Detection System

The Clinker Detection (CDS) System is an ITM proprietary technology for measuring both the size and frequency of deposits that impact a utility boiler floor or bed. MORE