GENSET Condition/Health

Measuring vibration levels at strategic locations on a GENSET’s structure is a common method for determining its condition/health.  Operators typically acquire baseline vibration measurements after the initial installation and then periodically collect vibration data sets to see if the vibration levels have changed.  By monitoring the vibration levels and spectra, vibration analysts can determine when maintenance is required.

Vibration Monitoring Types

In general, operators implement one of three types of vibration monitoring plans. Which plan is implemented depends on manpower availability and the funding available for sensors, hardware and infrastructure.  This table lists the three vibration monitoring plans and the pros and cons associated with each plan.

Genset Vib Monitoring3

Vibration Testing Resources

Our engineers, analysts, and technicians have been implementing plans and testing GENSETs for years.  They are available to support your GENSET planning and testing.  Let us know how we can help.


Mark Yeager

CAT III Vibration Analyst

Ryan Welker

Ryan Welker

VP of Operations