ITM Using Acosense Tech to Analyze Industrial Process Fluids

ITM Using Acosense Tech to Analyze and Measure Industrial Process Fluids

Listening skills.

Most of us have been working on being better listeners since elementary school. ITM has entered into the trial phase of an exciting partnership with a Swedish engineering firm that is taking listening to the next level.  

The firm is called Acosense, and their breakthrough technology relies on Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a clamp-on instrument that can measure complex fluids in the process industry, delivering analysis previously thought difficult or impossible to obtain. The innovative technique measures a multitude of properties such as density, viscosity and solid content moving through industrial pipes. The method is non-invasive and can even return results on opaque, viscous or corrosive fluids. Ultimately, the idea is to help reduce production costs, increase product quality and reduce environmental impact. 

For ITM, which works extensively with clients in the pulp and paper industry to improve processes and efficiences through various forms of industrial monitoring, the tech holds a great deal of potential and aligns with our expertise in vibration technology. If all goes as early trials indicate, ITM could be headed toward an exclusive distribution agreement in the U.S., said Ryan Welker, Vice President of Integrated Test & Measurement.  

Acosense officials said they turned to ITM to target the U.S. market because of the team’s “high vibro-acoustic competence and market knowledge.” 

“ITM is really easy to work with given the level of personal skills and hands-on experience from several types of industries,” said Karl Nilsson, Acosense CEO. 

Welker said ITM is currently in the middle of a months-long trial using Acosense tech at a global paper company, gathering data on supply lines within the plant, then comparing that data to actual samples collected by the mill’s lab to look for correlations between the chemical makeup and the acoustics profile of various fluids.  

“The big thing would be being able to measure these properties without breaking into the process lines,” said Welker. “It could be a very easy and clean way to give our clients continuous feedback. And it is a quick and easy installation.” 

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