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iTestSystem Overview

The iTestSystem (iTS) 2011 Platform enables the user to organize, acquire and view important engineering data using National Instruments (NI) C-Series hardware.  This video shows cDAQ hardware configuration, sensor configuration, data acquisition, data logging, and real-time data viewing.  It also shows the roving hammer impact test DAQ application.

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ATV Data Acquisition

Check out this cool ATV operation testing video featuring ITM’s iTestSystem Software and NI StandAlone cDAQ-9133 CompactDAQ Data Acquisition Hardware.  Acceleration and strain gauge sensors were installed on the ATV chassis and shift lever to characterize the forces acting on the vehicle while in operation.  iTestSystem was installed on the standalone chassis to simplify data logging and data management, and graphically view real time data over a wireless network.

For more information about this data logging application, our testing services or the iTestSystem software, contact Ryan Welker at or (844) 837-8797.